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Making strategy adjustments for FBM listings
Making strategy adjustments for FBM listings

Tailor a Buy Box Targeting strategy for FBM listings.

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While Aura treats all SKUs the same, regardless of fulfillment method, here are rule-based strategy recommendations specifically for FBM listings.

Generally, as of writing this, Amazon considers shipping speed and delivery estimates significantly when determining Buy Box rotation. Because of this, we recommend starting with our Buy Box Targeting strategy, and making certain adjustments.

First, to create a Buy Box Targeting strategy, head to the Strategies page within Aura, and click + Add Strategy in the upper right:

Next, select the pre-configured Buy Box Targeting strategy under Rule-based Strategies. Click Continue in the upper right to proceed:

The next page will be the Pursuit section of the Strategy builder. Because we've already selected Buy Box Targeting, the Buy Box will be our competition when this strategy is assigned. Here, you can adjust how Aura reprices against the Buy Box, when your offer is not in the Buy Box.

We recommend enabling "Price differently against Prime sellers (FBA and SFP)." By enabling, Aura will be able to reprice differently based on whether the current Buy Box winner has Prime shipping (FBA), or does not offer Prime (FBM).

Because offers with Prime shipping are more likely to win/hold the Buy Box, this allows us to reprice more aggressively against FBA offers (versus other FBM offers):

While actual values set here are largely personal preference, we generally recommend repricing below both non-Prime and Prime offers, while being slightly more aggressive against Prime. This is helpful for FBM offers, who may need to price more competitively to "offset" competing with an offer with Prime shipping.

All following settings under the Pursuit tab can be left on the default settings, or adjusted per personal preference.

Click Continue in the upper right to proceed to the Maintenance and Min/Max Price tabs, and to save/name the strategy.

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