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Increasing Strategy Performance Using the Maintenance Section
Increasing Strategy Performance Using the Maintenance Section

The Maintenance section within Aura's Strategy Builder ensures that you're always getting the most profit possible.

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Repricing tools aren't designed to simply push your price as low as possible to increase sales. Instead, it's a strategic plan to effectively move your price, up and down - to increase your sales while also maintaining a healthy profit. 

That's exactly what we designed the Maintenance Section of the Strategy Builder to do for our users. 

It's important to note that the Maintenance section does not simply push your price up to a value given, which can very easily kick you out of the Buy Box. 

Instead, it takes the settings given, and moves your price to the next Eligible Buy Box Owner, keeping you in the Buy Box but at a higher price (if set to Raise Price). 

You can consider the Maintenance section a sub-strategy or set of rules that are only active while you are within the Buy Box. To always follow the Pursuit section rules, you can change your settings to Disabled, although we do not recommend doing so.

Here's what the Maintenance section looks like:

Let's breakdown the two settings within the section to help clarify how each work.

"When you've acquired the buy box" - This tells Aura to either look up, down or both to the next eligible Buy Box owner. Essentially, this helps Aura to better target the price to move you to. 

Alternatively, you can set this to Disabled to not be used or Do Not Reprice if you do not want Aura to reprice your listing while in the Buy Box (not recommended). 

The Value - It would be easy to assume this is the amount you want Aura to raise your price by but that's not quite correct. Instead, this is the difference in which Aura will change your price too, compared to the new target price.

A clarifying example of this is the following:

You're currently priced (and holding the Buy Box) at $20. You're the only seller at that price and the next lowest FBA seller is at $21. 

If your Maintenance section is set to Raise Price by $0.00 (0% would be the same thing), Aura will raise your price and match the $21. 

If, on the other hand, your Maintenance section is set to Raise Price by $0.01, Aura will raise your price to $20.99 (hence the 0.01 value).

As you can see, the Maintenance section is a fantastic tool to maximize your time in the Buy Box while also ensuring you never get stuck selling at a lower price when there is another seller right above your price. 

It's a winning combination that every repricing strategy should be using to increase performance.

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