Your pricing strategy is just as flexible as the strategy itself. There are two types of pricing models - Manual and Automatic. 

Automatically Setting Minimum and Maximum Prices

To make your life 10x easier, we'll focus on the Automatic models. We currently offer three types of Automatic pricing models - ROI, Profit Margin and Profit. 

With an Automatic pricing model, Aura will use the minimum and maximum ROI percentage - as an example - to automatically set your minimum and maximum prices for every listing you import. 

This calculation includes the cost and Amazon fees. 

This saves you a ton of time manually creating and adding these to each listing. Just set your requirements using either ROI, Profit Margin or Profit (in dollars) and let Aura do the heavy lifting for you. 

Manually Setting Minimum and Maximum Prices

For Manual Minimum and Maximum prices, you can easily add those for each individual listing.

You can also add a Manual Minimum and Maximum on the main My Listings page.

Setting your Minimum and Maximum prices is incredibly important (*Aura requires a Minimum price to actively reprice a listing) but can be super easy to set and work within your current workflow. 

ps. here's how to handle MAP prices..

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