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Setting Your Minimum and Maximum Prices (Automatic and Manual)
Setting Your Minimum and Maximum Prices (Automatic and Manual)

Choose three methods to set min/max prices for your listings on the fly, or enter your own.

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Your minimum and maximum prices play a vital role in how your listings are repriced. Between these values is the range where Aura is authorized to move your price.

In Aura, these values — your min and your max — can be set automatically, or manually.

The min and max price settings are found in the Strategy builder, under the "Min/Max price" section.

Note: Regardless of method, Aura requires min prices to enable repricing.

Automatic Min/Maxes

There are three different methods by which Aura can set your min/max prices. You may also set a profit floor for all three automatic methods.

Aura can calculate these based off of ROI, Profit Margin, and Fixed Profit.

ROI (Return on Investment) Aura will set your min/max prices based off of your "investment," or your cost. The "return" is the percentage you want to earn back for yourself as profit.

Profit Margin Aura will set your min/max prices based off of your desired margin. A pre-set percentage of the listing's sale price will be your profit.

Fixed Profit Aura will add a desired value into your min/max prices as your profit. A flat value is chosen in place of a percentage of cost or sale price. This is ideal for low-cost listings.

Profit Floor — Aura will use a Profit Floor in conjunction with the automatic methods. You may enter a flat profit value if the automatic method calculates a lesser value.

With any of the three methods, your min/max prices account for your item's cost and Amazon referral/FBA fees.

Aura will also take Reduced Profit Ranges into account for your listings.

You may also manually override any automatically-set min/max value in Aura.

Note: A cost is required for Aura to calculate min/max prices automatically.

Manual Min/Maxes

When Manual is selected, the min/max price fields are left open on each listing.

You may enter min/max prices manually from the individual SKU pages, under Settings, by clicking on the Edit buttons next to each field.

You may also enter min/max prices manually from the Listings page, under the Min Price / Max Price columns.

Note: For listings with MAP prices, be sure to manually set the min price to match the MAP price.

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