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Accounting for reduced profit ranges
Accounting for reduced profit ranges

Avoid unprofitable price ranges automatically

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⚡️ Aura includes Low-Priced FBA Fees in reduced profit ranges automatically.

Amazon categories can have multiple tiers of fees.

A reduced profit range is when you're less profitable because the higher your price the more you pay in fees (15% vs. 8%).

For example, the Grocery category has a fee of 15% if the price is >$15 but a fee of 8% if the price is <=$15.

If you sold at $15 (8% fee) you would profit $13.80.

If you sold at $15.01 (15% fee) you would only profit $12.76.

Your price would need to be at least $16.24 before you profit the same $13.80 using the 15% fee. The reduced profit range, in this case, is between $15.01 and $16.24.

Aura calculates these ranges and adjusts your price to maximize profitability automatically.

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