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When does Aura change my prices?
When does Aura change my prices?

Aura performs price changes differently based on the active setting and behavior.

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Aura is a reactive repricer. This means it will trigger price changes based off the competitor's price movements.

All price changes follow your assigned Strategy, and stay within your min/max range.

There are two types of Strategies in Aura: AI (Maven) strategies, and rule-based strategies.

Maven is a dynamic, learning AI strategy that adapts to competitors' behaviors, while continuously balancing both sales velocities and profit margin.

With rule-based strategies, there are several categories of behaviors Aura takes with price changes, depending on the scenario:

Competing for Buy Box

Aura follows the Pursuit section of the Strategy when not in/competing for the Buy Box.

Here, Aura will target the offer defined by the Strategy's Competition Type. The Pursuit settings define exactly how Aura reprices against them. Each time the targeted competitor changes their price, Aura will follow suit.

If the Buy Box is won, Aura will then shift to following the Maintenance section of the Strategy.

Maintaining the Buy Box

When your offer is in the Buy Box, Aura will automatically follow the Maintenance section. Here, depending on the chosen setting, Aura will move your price relative to nearby offers.

If Maintenance section is set to Disabled, Aura will continue following Pursuit settings. Aura will do this regardless of Buy Box status.

If Maintenance is set to Do Not Reprice, Aura will hold your price steady while in the Buy Box.

Suppressed Buy Boxes

With Suppressed Buy Boxes, Aura can automatically attempt to un-suppress the listing.

If configured, Aura will gradually lower your price, by small increments. This effectively "looks" for the price point where Amazon reactivates the Buy Box. These price changes occur every 2-3 minutes apart, on average.

If the Buy Box is reactivated, Aura will then jump to following the Maintenance section. If not, Aura will stop lowering your price once your min price is reached.


Workflows allows you to configure pricing behavior on a set schedule.

You may schedule a repeating or one-time Action to Pause Repricing. This will trigger at the set day/time, and can move your price to your max price, for example.

Once the set duration has expired, Aura will revert to its normal repricing.

Manual Prices

Manual prices suspend normal repricing, for as long as the Manual price is set.

Aura will immediately move to the Manual price once set. Once unset, normal repricing will resume immediately.

Price Change Speed

Aura will trigger and process price changes as fast as Amazon's API allows. A standard price change takes about 1.5-2 minutes on average to be fully submitted and processed.

Hyperdrive allows for sub-10 second price changes on up to 50 select listings, by using a different system.

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