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How to Get Your Costs Into Aura
How to Get Your Costs Into Aura

Every method to import or manually add costs to your listings

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Aura uses costs to calculate profit metrics and to set automatic Min/Max prices.

๐Ÿ’ก Hint: Aura requires Minimum prices as the lower limit for repricing. This means you also need a cost if you're setting Min prices through your strategy.

Adding costs automatically and in bulk

1. InventoryLab integration

Aura can import your costs from InventoryLab through the integration. Toggle on the connection in both apps to get started.

Check out the guide.

2. InventoryLab reports

You can also upload either an Inventory Valuation or Closed Batch report into Aura.

This comes in handy if you don't want to wait the 24 hours for the integration to run.

3. Using the Uploads feature

Download a template of your listings and enter costs for upload.

We recommend using Uploads if you don't use InventoryLab.

Check out the guide.

Adding costs manually

You can also update any listing by manually adding and saving a Cost. This happens in two places:

1. Enter costs on the Listings page

Adjust and add values in the cost column. Make sure to click the blue save button or press enter on your keyboard to save your changes.

2. Enter a cost while viewing a listing

Head to the listing page and click to edit the Cost field. Press save or enter to lock in the value.

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