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How to Get Your Costs Into Aura
How to Get Your Costs Into Aura

Every method to either import or manually add costs to your listings

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Each listing you want Aura to reprice requires a Strategy applied, repricing enabled, and a Minimum price. By not including a Cost, Aura cannot calculate and set a Minimum price, causing repricing to halt. Additionally, Aura is unable to display profit metrics on your dashboard accurately.

It's important that every listing within your account has a cost added for the reasons above.

Now, let's get on to the automated and manual methods for getting costs into your account.

Automated and Semi-Automated

1. InventoryLab integration

Aura is directly integrated with InventoryLab, which means you can enable the integration on both sides for a seamless import. Once the integration is live, Aura will import costs every 24 hours.

2. InventoryLab reports

Although this method is not fully automated, it does allow you to export either an Inventory Valuation or Closed Batch report and upload it directly into Aura using our Uploads feature.

We recommend enabling the integration if you're using InventoryLab, but it can sometimes make sense to upload an Inventory Valuation report to speed up the process.

3. Using the Uploads feature

The Uploads feature lets you make massive changes to your listings — enabling/disabling repricing, changing the strategy applied, and even adjusting your cost.

If you have your costs stored somewhere other than InventoryLab, we recommend using the Uploads feature.


Of course, you can update any listing by manually adding and saving a Cost within the listing itself.

There are two methods for manually adding or adjusting your costs — either on the Listings page, which is more streamlined or within a listing itself.

On the Listings page

You can quickly adjust your costs without having to click into each listing while on the Listings page — make sure to click the blue save button or click enter on your keyboard to save your changes.

Within a listing itself

You'll need to click into the listing, locate the Cost field, enter the value you want Aura to use, and then click the blue Save button or hit enter on your keyboard.

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