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Connect Your InventoryLab Account with Aura
Connect Your InventoryLab Account with Aura
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Now, you can automatically import your costs from InventoryLab into Aura! 🚀

If you’re not familiar with InventoryLab, they help Amazon sellers list and manage their inventory, track expenses, and analyze profitability.

Step 1: Toggle on from the InventoryLab Side

Although you can start the integration process from either side, we suggest that you first toggle the integration from within your InventoryLab account. This ensures that data is ready to flow into Aura. 

Within your InventoryLab account, click on your Name and select Settings.

On the Settings page, select Integration Settings from the left menu.

Once on the Integrations page, click the toggle button beneath the Aura logo.

Lastly, confirm the connection.

Step 2: Toggle on from the Aura Side

Lastly, navigate to the Integrations page within your Aura account, click InventoryLab and toggle on the integration.

After you’ve toggled on the integration with both tools, Aura will begin importing your cost data and applying them to your listings. If you’re automatically setting your minimum and maximum prices within your strategy, this will also be automatically handled for you if a strategy is applied to the listing.

If you want a quick-link to the InventoryLab support documentation, you can click here


How frequently does Aura import my costs from InventoryLab?

Aura automatically syncs your costs every 24 hours.

Should I toggle on InventoryLab before Aura for the integration?

Ideally, you would toggle on InventoryLab before Aura but if both are done within 30 minutes of each other, you’re all set.

What costs does Aura import?

Aura automatically imports your Active Cost/Unit, which is your most recent cost.

How does Aura handle a $0 cost?

This is normal for a tool like Aura to handle. Simply put, we negate (read: skip) a cost of $0 as it can drastically change a minimum and maximum price that is automatically being calculated.  

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