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InventoryLab Integration FAQ
InventoryLab Integration FAQ

Enabling the integration, when costs are updated, troubleshooting tips, and how it all works.

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InventoryLab is a fantastic tool to use with Aura β€” If you use InventoryLab and Workflows, your Aura account is fully automated.

Let's get on to the good stuff:

How do I enable the InventoryLab integration?

Integrating InventoryLab with Aura is as simple as flipping a switch within both tools. Here's a guide on how to do just that.

How frequently does Aura import my costs from InventoryLab?

Aura automatically syncs your costs every 24 hours.

What costs does Aura import?

Aura automatically imports your Active Cost/Unit, which is your most recent cost.

How does Aura handle a $0 cost?

This is normal for a tool like Aura to handle. Simply put, we negate (read: skip) a cost of $0 as it can drastically change a minimum and maximum price that is automatically being calculated.

How long after enabling the integration until I begin seeing costs?

It can take up to 48 hours before you begin seeing costs imported into your account.

What if it's been longer than 24 hours since adding the cost to InventoryLab?

While we import costs every 24 hours, some SKUs may not be included within the API at the time of import, so it's essential to give both Aura and InventoryLab to sync up properly.

Can I force Aura to import costs by toggling the integration off and on again?

No, toggling the integration off and on will not affect when costs are imported β€” the exception is the first time the integration is enabled.

Can I manually upload my costs more quickly?

Yes, you can upload either an Inventory Valuation or Closed Batch report if time is of the essence.

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