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How to Enable the RestockPro Integration
How to Enable the RestockPro Integration

Auto-import costs from RestockPro to your SKUs in Aura.

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Seamlessly import cost data to Aura listings with our RestockPro integration.

The integration requires enabling on both our end and RestockPro's. Here's how to fully enable the integration.

Step 1 β€” Enable in RestockPro

To enable the integration in RestockPro:

1) Log into RestockPro and go to Options > Settings.

2) Click the Integrations tab.

3) Flip the Aura integration switch to ON.


Step 2 β€” Enable in Aura

In Aura, head to the Integrations page. This can be found by clicking on the name icon in the upper right -> Settings -> Integrations.

On the Integrations page, find the RestockPro box. Click Add, and an informational page will appear confirming the integration.

On this page, you can customize which type of Cost data is imported from RestockPro under the Configuration tab:

You may choose between importing Average Costs, or Last Costs for your listings. Costs will import automatically when a cost value is updated for a listing.

Additionally, you may also manually force a re-sync on demand, by clicking the blue Re-sync button.

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