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Introduction to Feeds
Introduction to Feeds

An efficient way to modify your Aura listings in bulk

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We heard you loud and clear! 🎉

You can now edit your listings in bulk by using the "Feeds" feature within Aura.

*If you're importing costs, min or max values from Inventory Labs, you can simply upload your Closed Batch or Inventory Valuation Exports into Aura.

Things to note before we begin

  • Any feed you're looking to upload must be either a CSV or TXT file, and must be comma or tab-delimited, respectively.

    • Formatting without commas is especially important when any values in the file are ≥ 1000. Using commas will cause the file to read "1,000" as "1" because CSV uses commas to signal new columns and rows.

  • Important: Columns left empty will be unset in Aura. To leave a column untouched, you must delete that column from the template/feed file you're looking to upload. The two required columns which must be present in the uploaded feed are sku and marketplace_id.
    Example: If you're looking to change the min, max, and cost of your listings, you should leave only the columns below:
    - sku, marketplace_id, cost, min_price, max_price


Begin by generating a template feed, by clicking on "Generate Template" as seen below.

This template includes your listing data that can be used for reference when changing the values of the editable columns.

*column names are case sensitive and must be in lower-case to process. 


  • sku (Required)
    The SKU of your listing, as seen in Seller Central (Amazon) and Aura.

  • marketplace_id (Required)
    The Aura Marketplace ID of your listing, seen by visiting the associated marketplace page within Aura, and checking the marketplace ID in the URL.

  • amazon_marketplace_id
    The Amazon marketplace ID for the listing.

  • current_quantity
    Your current quantity for this listing (including inventory in-bound, in-transfer, and in-stock).

  • cost (Editable)
    The cost set for the listing. This field is editable - it must be greater than zero.
    Note: If this listing is using strategy-level min and max pricing, the cost must be set for repricing to take effect. If the minimum and maximum price are set, they will override the strategy-level min and max price setting.

  • min_price (Editable)
    The minimum price set for the listing. This field is editable - it must be greater than zero, and less than or equal to the maximum price below.
    Note: This minimum price includes shipping.

  • max_price (Editable)
    The maximum price set for the listing. This field is editable - it must be greater than zero, and greater than or equal to the minimum price below.
    Note: This maximum price includes shipping.

  • current_price
    The current price retrieved from the marketplace for this listing, not including shipping below.

  • current_shipping
    The current shipping retrieved from the marketplace for this listing.

  • fulfillment_type
    The fulfillment type of this listing (Amazon).
    - "0" indicates FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)
    - "1" indicates MF (Merchant Fulfilled).

  • currency
    The currency ID of this listing. The various currency IDs can be seen below:
    - "0" indicates USD
    - "1" indicates EUR
    - "2" indicates GBP
    - "3" indicates RMB
    - "4" indicates INR
    - "5" indicates JPY
    - "6" indicates CAD
    - "7" indicates MXN

  • map_price (Editable)
    The MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) for this listing. This is used for reference only, but we plan to release a feature around this attribute in the near future.

  • repricing_enabled (Editable)
    Whether or not repricing is enabled for this listing. The possible values are shown below:
    - "true" indicates repricing is enabled
    - "false" indicates repricing is disabled
    Note: Repricing will still ensure that either a cost is set if strategy-level min and max pricing are set, or that the minimum price is set at the listing-level as a fall-back.

  • strategy_id (Editable)
    The identifier of an Aura Strategy. This can be found by going over to the "Strategies" page in Aura, and noting the Strategy ID value in the table of the respective strategy.

  • asin
    The Amazon listing identifier (Amazon Standard Identification Number).

  • condition
    The condition of the listing.

  • sub_condition
    The sub-condition of the listing.

  • featured
    Whether or not you are Buy Box eligible for this listing. Possible values are:
    - "true" indicates you're Buy Box eligible
    - "false" indicates you're Buy Box ineligible

  • has_buy_box
    Whether or not you're in the Buy Box for this listing. Possible values are:
    - "true" indicates you're in the Buy Box
    - "false" indicates you're out of the Buy Box

  • offer_position
    Your offer position within the top 20 offers (Amazon).
    Note: This number is zero-based, meaning it begins at 0 and ends at 19. A value of "0" indicates you're in the first offer position. A value of "19" indicates you're in the last, or twentieth, offer position.
    Note: A value of "-1" indicates you are beyond the top 20 offers.

  • title
    The title of this listing on the marketplace.

  • category
    The category of this listing on the marketplace.

Uploading your changes

Once you've made changes to your listing by either modifying one of the templates or starting from scratch, you can either click into the upload section to bring up a file selection dialog, or drag the file directly into the upload section:

You must then select a feed type (Aura Listings), and click "Submit Feed". Your feed will then be queued for processing, and may take anywhere from 15 seconds to 5 minutes to process depending upon the size of your feed and the load from other users at the time.

Once the feed has finished processing, it will have a status of "Processed", and will show the number of rows it has successfully processed, and the count of those it took issue with.

Seeing a value in the Errors column?

Some rows can't be processed for a variety of reasons, some of which are listed below:

  • The listing has not (yet) been imported by Aura. This can be confirmed by searching for the listing within Aura using the search bar.

  • There was a mismatch between the sku and the marketplace_id value for the listing row.

  • Strategy that was modified in a row cannot be found on your account.

  • Maximum price was set less than the minimum price, or one of the two was set below zero.

  • Cost was set below zero.

  • MAP price was set below zero.

Can't fix an error in your feed file?

 Start a live chat and send us the problematic Feed ID. We'll take a look and have everything resolved as quickly as possible!

As always, send us any feedback you have or things you'd like changed or added. We pride ourselves in focusing on our users first and foremost with transparency, so we'll be quick to respond. 🙌

Something we didn't cover? Message us by clicking the blue icon at the bottom right of the page 🤓

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