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Introduction to Feeds
Introduction to Feeds

The complete guide to editing listings via uploads

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Use the Upload feature to edit many listings at once via a CSV or TXT file.

*If you're importing InventoryLab data, you can upload your Closed Batch or Inventory Valuation directly into Aura.

Upload templates

Begin by generating a template by clicking on "New" in the Uploads tab. You can choose a blank template or a template pre-filled with listing data.

Open the template in Google Sheets or Excel to view and edit.

Columns included in upload templates

*column names are case sensitive and must be in lower-case.

  • sku (Required)

    The SKU of your listing, as seen in Seller Central (Amazon) and Aura.

  • marketplace_id (Required)

    Your Aura Marketplace ID, available to copy in the Marketplaces tab.

    Example: be8nn4ce-532a-4d0c-9p80-5346176a123k

  • amazon_marketplace_id

    The Amazon marketplace ID for the listing.

  • current_quantity

    Your current quantity for this listing (including inventory in-bound, in-transfer, and in-stock).

  • cost (Editable)

    The cost set for the listing. This field is editable - it must be equal to or greater than zero.

  • min_price (Editable)

    The minimum price set for the listing. This field is editable - it must be greater than zero, and less than or equal to the maximum price.

    Note: This minimum price includes shipping.

  • max_price (Editable)

    The maximum price set for the listing. This field is editable - it must be greater than zero, and greater than or equal to the minimum price.

    Note: This maximum price includes shipping.

  • current_price

    The current item price, not including shipping.

  • current_shipping

    The current shipping shown to customers on

  • fulfillment_type

    The listing's fulfillment type.

    • "fba" = Fulfilled by Amazon

    • "mf" = Merchant Fulfilled

  • currency

    The marketplace currency hosting the listing. Available currencies include: USD, EUR, GBP, RMB, INR, JPY, CAD, MXN, etc.

  • map_price (Editable)

    The MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) for this listing. This field is for reference only and does not act as a minimum price for repricing.

  • repricing_enabled (Editable)

    Is repricing enabled for this listing?

    • "true" = repricing is on

    • "false" = repricing is off

    Note: A listing with repricing enabled still needs a min price and strategy to reprice.

  • strategy_id (Editable)

    The identifier of an Aura Strategy, available to copy in the Strategies tab.

    Example: a2829d09-ex12y-46d8-9cf6-example1893

  • asin

    The Amazon listing identifier (Amazon Standard Identification Number).

  • condition

    The condition and sub-condition of the listing, separated by an underscore.

    Examples: new_new, used_acceptable

  • featured

    Is your offer eligible to win the Buy Box?

    • "true" = eligible

    • "false" = ineligible

  • has_buy_box

    Is your offer winning the Buy Box?

    • "true" = you're in the Buy Box

    • "false" = you're out of the Buy Box

  • offer_position

    Your offer position within the top 20 offers (Amazon).

    Note: This number is zero-based, meaning it begins at 0 and ends at 19. A value of "0" indicates you're in the first offer position. A value of "19" indicates you're in the last, or twentieth, offer position. A value of "-1" indicates you are beyond the top 20 offers.

  • title

    The title of this listing in Seller Central.

  • category

    The category of this listing in Seller Central.

Limitations and requirements for upload files

  • Upload only CSV, which must be comma or tab-delimited, respectively.

  • Include the two reference columns: sku and marketplace_id.

    • Example: If you're editing costs, your file should contain three columns: sku, marketplace_id, and cost.

  • Do not use commas (including formatting). Commas signal new columns and rows in CSV files. This means Aura would read "1,000" as "1".

  • Delete unnecessary columns. Cells left empty erases current data. To leave a column or listing untouched, you must delete that column/row from the upload file.

Uploading your changes

You can drag your file into the upload section or click 'Upload' and choose your file.

Click the 'Submit' button that appears. Your feed will begin processing, which can take 15 seconds to 5 minutes depending on file size.

When complete, Aura will report the total rows processed and the upload status.

Possible statuses:

- Successful: The upload was a success!

- Canceled: Aura did not find any data to process.

- 'X' error(s): There were one or more problems with file data.

If your file contained errors, visit our troubleshooting guide for next steps.
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