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How to reformat InventoryLab files for Aura
How to reformat InventoryLab files for Aura

Receiving errors while uploading files from InventoryLab?

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To reformat your CSV file from InventoryLab, download the file from InventoryLab, and import to Google Sheets or Excel.

Next, remove all columns except for MSKU, Cost, minimum price, and maximum price.

You'll need to re-name these as follows, to be read by Aura:
MSKU: sku

Cost: cost

Minimum Price: min_price

Maximum Price: max_price

You will need to add a new column to the right of "sku," in column B, titled marketplace_id.

Under this column, you will need to copy/paste the Marketplace ID as it appears under the Marketplaces tab in Aura, the string of characters located just beneath your marketplace (where these listings exist).

Once the Marketplace ID has been added to all SKUs in column B, download the file from Sheets/Excel as a CSV, then upload it into Aura's Uploads page.

Your upload will begin processing immediately, and will either show Successful, or will list any potential errors.

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