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Using uploads to make bulk changes
Using uploads to make bulk changes

Use the Upload feature to edit many listings at once via a CSV file

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Downloading an upload template

Begin by generating a template by clicking on "New" in the Uploads tab. You can choose a blank template or a template pre-filled with listing data.

Open the template in Google Sheets or Excel to view and edit.

Formatting the file for upload

Delete all columns aside from the two reference columns and any you're editing. (Reference columns are marketplace_id and sku)

You can edit the same fields as those you can adjust in-app, like costs, Min/Max prices, strategy, and enabling repricing. All other columns are for reference only.

Make sure:

  1. All column headers are lowercase

  2. There are no empty rows

  3. The file is free of commas and currency signs

Export and upload the file to Aura

You can drag your file into the upload section or click 'Upload' and choose your file.

Click the 'Submit' button. Aura will process the feed in <5 minutes, depending on file size.

When complete, Aura will report the total rows processed and the upload status.

Possible statuses:

- Successful: The upload was a success!

- Canceled: Aura did not find any data to process.

- 'X' error(s): There were one or more problems with file data.

If your file contained errors, visit our troubleshooting guide for next steps.

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