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Enabling repricing
Enabling repricing

How to get Aura actively repricing your listings quickly.

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Once you've connected your Marketplace and created a Strategy, Aura will require a few more steps before it begins to reprice your listings.

Aura requires the following before it can begin repricing:

  1. Toggle on repricing at the Marketplace level β€” You may see a "Marketplace is either not managed, or repricing has been disabled for this marketplace" error.

  2. Add a Minimum Price β€” either automatically or manually.

  3. Assign your Strategy to the listings you want Aura to reprice

  4. Toggle on repricing for each listing you want Aura to reprice

Once you've completed the above steps, Aura will begin updating your prices based on your Strategy settings. πŸ™Œ

Note: To double-check that Aura is repricing your listings, look at the Repricing Activity chart on the Dashboard or the Repricing Activity page.

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