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Importing Your Listings in Aura
Importing Your Listings in Aura

How does Aura repricer begin importing your listings?

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So you've just connected your first Amazon Marketplace and you're ready to begin importing your active listings for repricing. 

How Aura Repricing Imports Your Listings

While you were looking for this article, Aura has been importing your listings for you. In fact, as soon as you connected your Marketplace, Aura was pulling in data for you!

She's pretty quick when it comes to data but don't tell her we said so. We don't want her to develop an ego...

Importing can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on how many listings Aura needs to import for you. 

Our suggestion: Grab a coffee ☕️ and ponder the fact that an AI is currently doing your bidding - Latté, hold the existential crisis anyone?

Here's an interesting read on why A.I. won't replace humans if you're interested.

Just like Dr. Evil, once your listings are imported into the Aura Repricer software and your strategies are properly set up, she gets to work ensuring your world domination of the buy box.

Pretty cool, right?

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