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Our Suggested Starting Strategy - The Buy Box Targeting Strategy
Our Suggested Starting Strategy - The Buy Box Targeting Strategy

Get your inventory repricing as quickly as possible!

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Getting set up with a new repricing tool can seem overwhelming, whether you're trying to import your listings, uploading your costs or creating your first strategy.

In this guide, we'll walk you through our recommended starting strategy so that you can get back to sourcing profitable products.

The Buy Box Targeting Strategy

We're big fans of targeting the Buy Box specifically. This strategy comes pre-configured with our most recommended settings, which are pretty plug-and-play (competition type, handling suppressed Buy Boxes, raising prices, etc). 

Targeting (Competition Type)

This strategy targets the Buy Box itself and can reprice differently depending on if the seller is FBA, Merchant Fulfilled or Amazon (you'll need to decide how for each type of seller). 

How It Reprices

By default, this strategy reprices below by $0.02, but can be changed to any values based on preference (match price of Prime sellers and Price above non-Prime sellers by 5%, as an example):

No Profit Left Behind

The Maintenance section is set to Raise price by $0.02 as a default. This setting ensures that you're never "winning" the Buy Box while other Buy Box eligible sellers are above your price. 

As an example, if you're currently winning the Buy Box at $20 but the next lowest Featured eligible seller is at $25, Aura will raise your price to $24.98 to reclaim potential profits, once you become the Buy Box winner. The $0.02 serves as the buffer, allowing Aura to reprice to within that amount of the next lowest Featured eligible offer.

Setting Min and Max Values

Setting Min and Max values are purely subjective and unique to each seller. We recommend the automated pricing methods such as ROI, Profit Margin, or Fixed Profit, which only require a listing to have a Cost saved.

You may also set a Profit Floor, which Aura will follow if/when an auto-calculated Min price is set beneath this value.

You may also set any Min/Max price manually, or manually override any auto-set Min/Max value.

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