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Automatically Handling Suppressed Buy Boxes
Automatically Handling Suppressed Buy Boxes

Target the Buy Box and set your strategy to incrementally reduce your current price to find the reactivation threshold

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As you're building a custom strategy, you can choose for Aura to handle suppressed Buy Boxes.

*If you're using the Buy Box Targeting strategy, this is a default setting.

First, make sure your 'Competition Type' is set to Only Buy Box:

Next, you'll go to the Pursuit section of the strategy builder.

Find the setting: "When the Buy Box is suppressed" and choose 'Customize Price': set to 'Current price' - $0.02.

When this triggers, Aura will lower your price by $0.02 until the Buy Box is active or you reach your Minimum price.

We recommend $0.02 so that Aura can zero-in on the threshold where the Buy Box is active and your profit is highest. This way, you won't sacrifice more profit than


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