At the moment, you won't receive an error file or anything like that. Instead, we'll need to pin-point the problem with the file together. 

There are a few types of errors to go through:

Error #1: x SKUs Processed but Nothing for Processed or Successful

If you see that a number of SKUs have been processed but Aura shows zero (or less than) for Successful/Errors, it means that the SKUs simply are not within our system yet. 

Typically, this is because you've recently created the shipment but Aura has not been able to import the listings from Seller Central. In this case, give it between 2-8 hours depending on when the shipment was created and retry the upload. 

Error #2: x SKUs Processed but All/Some Errors 

If some errors occur don't worry, we need to find the root cause ( typically using a dollar sign, having 0's, etc..)

To quickly determine what needs to change in the file, confirm the following:

  1. The file type is a .csv (not encoded) or tab-delimited .txt. 

  2. There are no '$' signs anywhere in the file

  3. All 0 values are changed to be empty (read: deleted) 

  4. You only have the columns for the required data and data being changed (read more about the required columns here)

These are the two types of errors you may receive on your file upload. If you're still receiving errors after making the changes above, please reach out to our support team so that we can take a look at the file and make any corrections needed.

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