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Troubleshooting Upload Errors
Troubleshooting Upload Errors

Find and fix common upload errors with upload results

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Aura reports the location and type of the first 10 errors in each upload file.

Mouse over the 'Results' column to see the error descriptions.

Common error messages

Could not find...

Aura was not able to find a match for the strategy, SKU, or marketplace. It's likely that data in the column is incorrect.

  • Make sure: Your strategy and marketplace IDs match the gray text in Aura. You can copy and paste these directly from the Strategies and Marketplaces tabs.

  • Make sure: Your SKU isn't abbreviated in the file.

    Note: Deactivated SKUs cannot be edited via uploads.

Must provide either ('sku’ and ‘marketplace_id’) or (’mksu’).

You're missing one of the two reference columns or the column header is incorrect.

  • Make sure: Both reference columns are present and headers are lowercase. They should appear as sku and marketplace_id.

Must provide a cost greater than or equal to 0.

Your cost needs to be a non-negative number.

Must provide a max/min price greater than 0.

Your minimum and maximum prices need to be positive.

Min must be less than max.

Your maximum price is lower than your minimum price.

  • Make sure: There is a range between your min and max for Aura to reprice.

If Aura doesn't report an error but you've noticed nothing has changed, follow these tips:

  • Copy and paste headers

    • Use a template or copy and paste headers from the template—this is the best way to correct formatting. If the headers are incorrect, Aura will not recognize the data.

  • Do not use commas or currency signs

    • Formatting with commas or currency signs affect the way Aura is able to read the data. If your file contains currency formatting, Aura will not process the new values.

  • Use only "True" or "False" in the repricing_enabled column

    • Aura doesn't recognize casual language in the True/False columns. Entering 'Yes' or 'No' will not affect repricing.

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