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Repricing FBA vs MFN listings
Repricing FBA vs MFN listings

Add MFN shipping charges to the cost field for Aura to account for them.

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Aura reprices both FBA and MFN listings the same, staying within your set min/max price range on the assigned strategy.

Aura reprices either listing based on the assigned strategy’s Competition Type. The Competition Type is “who” Aura targets.

For example, to have FBA listings target only FBA offers, you will need a strategy with the Competition Type set to "Lowest FBA".

This will target the lowest eligible FBA offer on the ASIN, excluding any MFN offers. The only difference in Aura handling FBA and MFN listings is if a MFN offer carries a shipping charge.

All MFN shipping charges are pulled in directly from Seller Central. Aura reprices based on the "Landed Price", the amount charged to the customer (item price + shipping).

Aura will automatically count any shipping charges toward the set min/max pricing range. If the MFN listing offers free shipping, no shipping charge will be included.

We recommend adding any cost to ship the item to the SKU’s Cost field.

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