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Making adjustments to rule-based strategies
Making adjustments to rule-based strategies

Quickly make changes to active strategies, without starting from scratch.

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Strategies in Aura are designed to be updated as needed, as your listings and competition change.

While any part of a rule-based strategy can be changed at any time, a few specific settings can be quickly adjusted for the biggest impact.

Change Who Aura Targets

The targeted competitor, or the offer Aura reprices against, can be chosen under the Competition Type dropdown, under the Competition tab.

When using the Buy Box Targeting or Oscillation strategies, this is set to Only Buy Box by default. This means Aura will target and reprice against whichever offer is currently coded as a Buy Box winner from Seller Central - and will switch targeted offers as the Buy Box rotates.

Changing this will prompt this specific strategy to change who Aura targets and reprices against.

Increase Aggressiveness

Under the Pursuit tab of the Strategy builder, the top setting titled "How to Price Against the Competition" is the primary setting for how Aura reprices.

When set to Price Below, the value field dictates by how much Aura will reprice beneath the targeted competitor (chosen above).

Increasing this value will increase your competitiveness, by telling Aura to reprice below the competition by an increased amount.

Decrease Aggressiveness

Decreasing this same value will decrease your competitiveness, by telling Aura to reprice below the competition by a lesser amount.

As an alternative, instead of pricing below the competition at all, Aura can simply match their price, or price above by X amount.

Listings stuck at Max prices

If you find your listing(s) at their max price(s), without recent activity, it's recommended to check the bottom four settings under the Pursuit tab.

Here, four scenario-based settings provide options for Aura to raise to the max price. To maintain competitiveness when the competition is at/below your min price, you may want to consider remaining at your min price.

This will allow Aura to remain as close as it can to the competition, as Aura cannot reprice beneath the set min price.

In-Buy Box Behavior

The Maintenance section of the Strategy builder is what Aura follows when your offer is coded as a Buy Box winner.

Here, you may select for Aura to not reprice when winning the Buy Box, or raise and/or lower your price once the Buy Box is won.

If you find Aura is raising your price too high once the Buy Box is won, causing the Buy Box to rotate to a different offer, consider changing to Do Not Reprice or manually lowering that listing's max price.

Changing Min/Max Prices

While included in the Strategy builder, each listing has its own min and max price value, which can be set automatically (within the Strategy), or manually.

If the Strategy is configured to calculate min and max prices, all listings assigned to that particular strategy will follow the min/max calculation settings (under "Min/Max price" tab).

Changing the strategy-level min/max prices will also affect all listings assigned to that strategy. For individual-listing adjustments, we recommend manually overriding the min and/or max price(s) on that specific listing only.

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