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How to Create a Simple Repricing Strategy Within Aura
How to Create a Simple Repricing Strategy Within Aura

Jump into repricing quicker with Aura's pre-configured strategies.

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When building strategies, Aura offers pre-configured strategies to help with the process.

You may select a Custom strategy, from scratch, or select a pre-configured strategy.

Currently, Aura offers three pre-configured strategy models. These include Buy Box targeting, Featured merchants, and Lowest price.

As a general starting strategy, we recommend Buy Box targeting. Here's how to configure this.

Step 1 — Head to the Strategies page

Select "+ Add strategy" in the upper right.

Step 2 — Select Buy Box targeting under Rule-based strategies.

Click Continue in the upper right.

Step 3 — Review and adjust the Pursuit section

The first section the Strategy Builder will bring you to is the Pursuit section.

Here, you may tell Aura exactly how you'd like to reprice against the Buy Box. You may also reprice differently if the Buy Box winner is FBA/Prime, MFN, or Amazon themself.

Next, you may tell Aura how to handle Suppressed Buy Boxes. Our recommended setting is below:

Here, Aura will gradually lower your price by increments of $0.02. This will attempt to "find" the price point where Amazon will reactivate the Buy Box. If this point is not found, Aura will continue until reaching your min price.

You will then reach Aura's scenario-based settings. Here, tell Aura how to reprice when the Buy Box matches or goes below your min price.

You may also dictate where your price moves when reaching your own min price, or when out of stock.

Once configured, click Continue in the upper right.

Step 4 — Review and adjust the Maintenance section

You are then brought to Aura's Maintenance section.

Here, you may tell Aura how to reprice when winning the Buy Box. Choose between raising, lowering, lowering then raising, or holding your price steady.

We recommend adjusting this to Raise Price by $0.02, though this is personal preference. This will raise your price to within $x amount of the next lowest competitor.

Click Continue in the upper right.

Step 5 — Add min/max pricing preferences

Next, configure your min/max pricing settings.

You may choose to set these manually, or automatically by Aura. If automatic, you may choose between ROI, Profit Margin, and Fixed Profit calculations.

Min and max prices are unique to you and your preferences. You may always manually override any values set by Aura, at any point.

Click Continue in the upper right once set.

Step 6 — Review and name your new strategy

Last, assign a name to your new strategy.

As a best practice, we recommend a relevant name to the strategy type. "Buy Box Targeting — 30% Min ROI" is a good example.

Click Finish in the upper right to save the new strategy.

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