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How to Handle Potential Pricing Errors
How to Handle Potential Pricing Errors

Our recommended workflow for handling potential pricing errors.

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A potential low/high pricing error will occur when your price updates to a price outside your Minimum and Maximum range within Seller Central.

Many sellers believe a larger Min/Max range will yield better results, but we've found the opposite to be true β€” set your Minimum and Maximum prices close to each other.

By setting your Min/Max prices closer to each other, you'll decrease the risk of getting pricing errors and suppressing the Buy Box.

Why am I receiving potential high pricing errors?

Aura can only see the Minimum and Maximum prices within itself. If the Minimum price within Seller Central is higher than in Aura, Aura could update your price below the Seller Central Minimum price β€” causing a potential low pricing error.

Note: Aura will still follow the Min/Max prices stored within its system.

We do not recommend storing Min/Max prices in Seller Central as they can be difficult to delete and may clash with those set within Aura.

A simple workflow for reactivating listings

Listing cannot be reactivated within Aura β€” you must do that within Seller Central.

  1. Update the value within Aura that may have caused the pricing error β€” you can override the value if your Strategy automatically sets this for you.

  2. Reactivate the listing in Seller Central

Aura will automatically resume repricing once the steps above have been completed.

If the potential high pricing error occurs again, repeat the above steps.

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