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How to Override Strategy Level Price Rules on a Listing
How to Override Strategy Level Price Rules on a Listing

Want to treat a specific ASIN differently than the rest with the same listing? Here's how..

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Sometimes you need to treat a specific ASIN differently but you want it to stay on the currently repricing strategy.

Luckily, Aura lets you easily override both the minimum and maximum prices that are auto-set using one of our automatic price methods - ROI, Profit or Margin. 

As an example, let's say you have the following strategy with a minimum ROI of 20% and a maximum ROI of 60%.

Once Aura has your costs, it will start automatically creating your minimum and maximum prices based on the ROI rules you set (20% min and 60% max for our example).

Let's assume Aura set your minimum price to $20 for a specific ASIN but you'd actually like it to be lower for just this product. Rather than change your whole repricing strategy, you can override the minimum on the Listing page.

While on the Listing page for the product you want to override, scroll to the Repricing section of the page.

Here you'll see your minimum and maximum prices as well as your costs, which strategy is assigned to this listing and if repricing is turned on or not.

If you wanted to change your minimum price from the $20 that Aura automagically assigned to this listing, you can simply input the minimum price you'd actually like to use - $18 for our example.

Once you submit this change, Aura will know that this particular listing can go as low as $18, rather than the $20 it originally set based on the strategy you created. 

That's all there is to overriding your automatic pricing strategy rules for a specific listing!

*Seeing yellow "error" icons?

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