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How Does Aura Handle MAP Prices?
How Does Aura Handle MAP Prices?
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While logged into your account and looking at a SKUs listing page, you'll see the MAP input field.

Where to find the MAP pricing field on a listing page

Definition: "MAP" is short for Minimum Advertised Price, which is the lowest retail price a brand or supplier will allow you to list your item at publicly.

How to Set Your Min Price as Your MAP Price

Because many sellers may follow a different Minimum price strategy than their MAP (we recommend that your Min price is equal to or greater than the MAP price), the MAP price field is for reference purposes only (it will not affect how Aura reprices your listing). 

To use your MAP price as your Min price, you'll need to set your Min price equal to your MAP price. In other words, if your MAP price is $20 and you wanted to follow it, you would also set your Min price at $20. 

For MAP prices, we recommend automatically setting your Min and Max prices but overriding the Min price to follow MAP. 

Where to find the min and MAP price input fields

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