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Maven Best Practices
Maven Best Practices

How to get the most out of our Maven AI strategy

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Maven is a powerful strategy that will find the optimal price for a balance of sales velocity and profit margin. This article includes some best practices for using our AI strategy as it functions differently than our rules based strategies.

Maven will learn and become more intelligent the longer it is assigned to a listing. We recommend having Maven calculate your max price automatically. To avoid potential high or low pricing errors, remove any min or max prices set in Seller Central.

If you're unable to remove them, you'll want to be sure they are in line with the figures set in Aura. Though max prices aren’t required for Maven to work properly, we recommend setting manual max prices if you run into high pricing errors in Seller Central.

Due to listings limits on Maven for your specific plan, we also recommend not setting a Maven based strategy as your default marketplace strategy. This will ensure new listings are assigned to a strategy if you're at your allotted Maven limit.

For the same reason, we recommend not using Maven strategies in workflows. If you are at your Maven listings limit when a workflow runs, your listings won't be assigned to the Maven strategy and will have no strategy attached.

Maven operates best when it has a wider range to find the optimal price. If you're not seeing the expected results, we recommend lowering your minimum ROI slightly.

As a note, Maven is not specifically designed to target and acquire the buy box as it is designed to find the optimal price for a balance of sales velocity and profit margin.

If you're looking to exclusively win the buy box with a given listing, we recommend using our rules based Buy Box Targeting strategy.

Lastly, we recommend using Maven and Hyperdrive together on your most competitive listings for the best results.

Hyperdrive lets Aura submit price changes significantly faster than the competition so it is best to use it on competitive listings with multiple sellers on them.

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