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My Listings Overview: Easily Manage Your Listings
My Listings Overview: Easily Manage Your Listings
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You don't have to be a repricing expert to manage your growing list of active listings. Let's breakdown how the My Listings page works and dive deeper into a specific ASIN to give you an overview of the features. 

The Overall Listing View

Clicking on My Listings will take you to a table view of every listing pulled into Aura that you can begin repricing.

The page looks like the following: 

The table view shows you a high-level overview of all of your listings.

That includes if Repricing is turned on, the strategy being used, the Buy Box price, your price, your cost, min/max price, quantity, status and your current competition!

Want to know if you're currently winning the buy box?

Aura will display a green circle with a checkmark inside to indicate that you're currently winning the buy box! 

If you're not winning the buy box, Aura will show a red circle with an X through it. 

The Specific Listing View

If you want to zoom in on a specific listing, you can do so by clicking on the Listing Title.

Once on the Listing View, you'll see more details about that specific ASIN.

Here's what that looks like:

*You can also toggle between ROI and Profit Margin by clicking on the "recycle" icon found in the right-hand side of the page above. 

Viewing Your Listing Reports

Data is great but reports are better. Aura shows you metrics like Revenue, Profit, Units sold and even Profit Margin for each listing.

On top of that, Aura will show you a 7-day and 30-day graph of your Revenue and Profit for each listing. 

The Repricing Section

Bulk editing your listings is a breeze but sometimes you need to treat a specific ASIN differently.

While on the Listing view, you can quickly make changing to that specific ASIN within the Repricing section.

You can turn on/off repricing, change the strategy, update your min/max pricing or costs or even send a manual price change that Aura will make for you. 

The Listing Details/Notes Section

Under the Listing Details section, you can quickly see the ASINs category and rank.

More importantly, you can quickly add notes for your future self or employee to use! 

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