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Listing Filters Guide
Listing Filters Guide

List of filtering options for the Listings page

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Here are the filters you may add to the Listings table, both individually, and stacked together:

Importing - Listings that are currently being imported

Listing Alert - Listings with potential warnings

  • No minimum price - Listings missing a minimum price

  • No cost - Listings with no cost added

  • Min above Buy Box - Listings where your minimum price is higher than the current Buy Box winner

Marketplace - Filter by your connected Marketplaces

Fulfilled by - Filter listings based on shipping method

  • FBA

  • Merchant

Condition - Filter by the condition of your listing

  • New

  • Refurbished

  • Used (Like new)

  • Used (Very Good)

  • Used (Good)

  • Used (acceptable)

Strategy - Filter listings assigned to a specific strategy

Price - Filter by the current price of your listing

  • At minimum price

  • At maximum price

  • At Buy Box price

Manual price - Filter by listings that have a manually set price

Featured - Filter by listings that are Featured (Buy Box) eligible

Buy Box - Filter listings based on the current Buy Box status

  • In Buy Box

  • Out of Buy Box

  • Suppressed

Repricing - Filter listings with repricing enabled or disabled

Hyperdrive - Filter listings with Hyperdrive enabled or disabled

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