Many sellers want to treat different offers types (Merchant Fulfilled vs. Prime) while repricing their inventory. 

Why match the price of a Merchant Fulfilled offer in the Buy Box when my offer is Prime? 

We typically recommend, assuming you're Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA or Prime) to reprice above Merchant Fulfilled offers by a small amount and then either match or reprice below other Prime sellers. 

This keeps you competitive in the Buy Box without giving up potential profits. 

How to Set Your Strategy Settings

To reprice differently based on the offer in the Buy Box, we recommend that your competition be set to Only Buy Box, which will target the Buy Box itself (regardless of the offer type). 

Rather than ignoring Merchant Fulfilled offers, we want to consider them as competition as Amazon has placed them in the Buy Box. 

Once you've made the change to your Competition Type, you'll need the following settings in your Pursuit section:

Once you've enabled "Price differently against Prime sellers.." Aura will begin using the top-most setting for Merchant Fulfilled offers. 

From the example above:

  • Reprice above Merchant Fulfilled offers if they are in the Buy Box by 3%

  • Reprice below Prime offers if they are in the Buy Box by $0.01

How This Works

Once saved, Aura will then know to reprice above Merchant Fulfilled offers if one is currently holding the Buy Box. 

Likewise, if the current Buy Box is being held by a Prime offer, Aura will reprice below (based on the example above). 

This simple strategy change makes your repricing more robust in handling multiple situations that may arise on your listings. 

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