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Quick Start Guide

Four easy steps to quickly start repricing

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Welcome to Aura! πŸŽ‰ We're excited for you to see the power of automated repricing.

Here's your checklist to get started repricing fastπŸ‘‡

Step 1 | Connect your marketplace

The first step to success is to add your Seller Central marketplace to Aura under the Marketplaces tab. πŸ€“

It's as simple as clicking the blue "Add Marketplace" button and logging into Seller Central when prompted. Make sure to check the box to give Aura permission to access your account.

Step 2 | Create a strategy

While you're waiting for your listings to load, you can get started creating a strategy β€” the master plan of repricing!

Aura has several pre-built strategies for you to try out right away. Our Buy Box targeting strategy is a great place to start.

Once your listings are loaded and you've a created a starter strategy, it's time to assign your strategy with the dropdown box or "Bulk Actions" feature.

Step 3 | Set Minimum prices

Aura requires Minimum prices to start repricing. This ensures Aura has a lower limit and your listings only sell within a price range you authorize.

You can do this one of two ways β€” manually or automatically, as a function of cost.

If you choose the automatic route, you'll need to enter costs for Aura to make the calculations with your strategy-set Minimum guidelines.

Step 4 | Enable repricing

First, make sure the "Repricing" switch is toggled on at the marketplace level (the same place you added your marketplace).

This will enable you to turn on repricing for each of your listings. You can do this one at a time, or page-by-page with the "Bulk Actions" feature.

You're up and running! πŸ™Œ A listing ready to reprice will have these three elements:

  • Repricing toggled on to blue

  • A strategy

  • A Min price

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