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Workflow Best Practices
Workflow Best Practices

Our ongoing best practices for creating effective and efficient Workflows

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Because Workflows are pretty advanced there are some best practices we recommend to avoid any issues.

  1. If you want to assign a default strategy to all listings in a Workflow but assign different strategies within Filter Blocks, the default strategy will need to be set first (that's how the logic work).

  2. If you're toggling on repricing for all triggered listings (including filtered ones) in a Workflow, that Action Block will need to be before anything else.

  3. Repricing must be enabled for the Pause Repricing Action to work. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, add a Toggle Repricing Action Block before your Pause Repricing Action Blocks.

  4. Don't make the mistake of building too many Workflows. Most of the time, you can create a single, massive Workflow, rather than creating a never-ending sea of Workflows. Remember, less is better!

  5. Name your Workflows descriptively. Similar to Strategies, naming your Workflows appropriately make it easier to know what's added inside without having to dig for details.

  6. A Minimum price is required for the Pause Repricing Action Block to work, similar to repricing. This is a safety net to ensure prices never go below the desired value.

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