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What Are Workflows?
What Are Workflows?

Putting your Aura account on auto-pilot

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At a very high-level the Workflows feature allows you to create automated rules, which tell Aura how to manage your listings. In doing so, you're able to tell Aura exactly how to manage each one of your listings, putting them on complete auto-pilot.

Triggers and Actions

Each Workflow contains two things; a Trigger and at least one Action.


Triggers are what Aura uses to trigger the Workflow to execute whatever Actions are within it.

Currently, there are two different types of Triggers:

  1. When a time of day occurs

  2. When a new listing is imported into your account


Actions are the actual tasks that Aura will perform on your triggered listings. There are currently four types of Actions:

  1. Filter Block - Allows you to filter through triggered listings, so the Actions are only triggered on a sub-set of listings

  2. Pause Repricing - Allows you to stop repricing while taking your prices to a specific value during said paused duration

  3. Set Strategy - Allows you to assign a specific strategy to the triggered listings

  4. Toggle Repricing - Allows you to enable or disable repricing on the triggered listings

🚨 An Important Note About Filter Blocks 🚨

Filter Blocks are very important when it comes to building Workflows that do not apply to all of your listings.

If you use a Filter Block, ensure that the actions you wanted to execute on the filtered listings are nested beneath it, like the following...

If, however, you have all of your actions on the main-level (where the Filter Block is above) they will execute on every listing within your account.

Here's a deeper dive into how to correctly use Filter Blocks.

Example Use-Cases

One useful use-case for creating a Workflow is to automatically assign a specific strategy and toggle on repricing for your new listings.

The second useful Workflow is having your prices increase (example, Current Price + 30%) at midnight for 45 minutes.

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