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How to Pause Your Listings at a Specific Time
How to Pause Your Listings at a Specific Time

Using workflows to pause your listings and raise prices

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Many may be more familiar with the idea of "spiking" your price to a higher amount overnight. The Pause Repricing Action can do that and more.

Let's create a Workflow that will increase our prices to + 30% than our current price for 45 minutes at midnight our local time.

For this Workflow, we'll need to start with a Schedule event.

Next, we need to tell Aura if we want this Workflow to repeat, and on which days of the week, or if we only want it to run on a specific calendar day and time.

*You can use a Filter Block to only adjust specific listings if you do not want the Actions to trigger on your entire inventory.

For our example, we're going to have this Workflow repeat every single day at midnight EST.

For this you'll select "Daily" for how often you'd like this workflow to run, then enter the time when you'd like the workflow to start:

As a note, Aura will default to your current timezone. With us looking to run this workflow at midnight, we've set our timeline for "00:00".

Once this is set, you can select "Continue" in the top right to move to the "Workflow" section. Here, we'll need to add our Pause Repricing Action, add our settings and click Add:

The above settings will take our prices to +30% of our current price for 45 minutes, before resuming repricing once the pause duration is complete.

Assuming we do not want to do anything else, we can click Continue to review our set Actions, name our new Workflow, and enable it.

From here, Aura will adjust all SKUs' prices at 12:00a EST, and hold them for 45 minutes.

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