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How Do Filter Block Actions Work?
How Do Filter Block Actions Work?

How to filter through different listings to take specific action on each sub-set

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Filter Block Actions can be confusing at first glance but work very simply.

Filter Blocks allow you to filter through any triggered listing to create "sub-groups", which you can then set different Actions to occur.

Make sure to review the Best Practices to avoid any issues.

An example of this is creating a New Listing trigger, which will trigger on every new listing imported into your Aura account. For some of those listings you may want to assign Strategy A when the SKU contains the word "KOHLS" but assign Strategy B if the SKU contains "WALMART".

When using a Filter Block it's important to understand the sequence of Actions nested with the block itself.

As an example, take a look at the following settings.

We have the Actions set to filter listings when the SKU contains the text "KOHLS" but nothing nested beneath the Filter Block. In this case, Aura will treat every listing the same by applying the strategy named "Main Strategy".

Not ideal...

Here's what we should have done...

Now that the Set Strategy Action is nestled beneath the Filter Block, Aura will only assign my chosen strategy when a listing matches the above Filter.

It's very important that you understand the logic behind how all of your Actions will trigger while using a Filter Block.

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