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Automatically Assign Strategies and Toggle on Repricing for New Listings
Automatically Assign Strategies and Toggle on Repricing for New Listings

Creating a Workflow to manage your new listings

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Before Workflows Aura users were required to either assign strategies listing by listing or set a single default strategy.

With Workflows, you can now tell Aura exactly how to do that for you, regardless of how many strategies you have.

Make sure to review the Best Practices to avoid any issues.

Creating a Workflow to Manage Your New Listings

First, let's create a new Workflow within our account by navigating to the Workflows page and clicking the Create Workflow button.

Next, choose New Listing as your Trigger type and click Continue.

Now come the Actions, which will vary depending on how you want the Workflow to manage your listings.

Let's say I want my Workflow to do the following:

  1. If SKU contains "KOHLS" assign Strategy A

  2. If SKU contains "WALMART" assign Strategy B

  3. If SKU does not contain either "KOHLS" or "WALMART" assign Strategy C

  4. Toggle Repricing On for all SKUs

Here's what that would look like once created...

Now, this is going to seem a bit backward at first. Why are we setting all of the listings to Strategy C? This is where it becomes important to understand how logic works.

First, we assign all listings to Strategy C and Toggle Repricing On. Then, if the SKU contains the text "KOHLS" the Workflow will change the strategy from Strategy C to Strategy A and do the same if the SKU contains "WALMART" for Strategy B.

If we were to reverse the sequence so that the Workflow assigns Strategy C last, then all of the listings, including those within our Filter Blocks would be assigned to Strategy C, which is not what we wanted to happen.

So, keep in mind how important the sequence or logic is while building a Workflow.

Now that we have our Actions added to the Workflow, click Continue to name your workflow, enable it, and click Finish.

If you've enabled the InventoryLab integration and created a similar Workflow for all new listings above, your Aura account is fully automated πŸ™Œ

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