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What's a Manual Price and How Do I Use It?
What's a Manual Price and How Do I Use It?

How to use a Manual price within Aura to override a strategy or trigger a price change.

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While on a listing page for a specific SKU within Aura, you may notice a small input field titled Manual Price.

This field enables you to force a price change through Aura. If we enter and save 20 in the field, Aura would automatically submit a price change for $20 to Seller Central and hold your price there until the Manual price has been removed.

The Manual price is a way for you to quickly make price changes and override your strategy settings, for whatever reason. 

Just remember to delete the value if you do not want your price to stay at the price submitted as that will completely halt repricing until removed. 

Speed up a Price Change

Aura is reactive, meaning that it does not change your price every x minutes. Instead, it reacts to price changes, which enables higher performance and speed.

Learn how quickly Aura reprices you'r inventory.

What happens if a price change does not occur on one of your listings? Don't worry, Aura will realize this and manually trigger a price change every 3 hours there is no change.

What if you wanted to quickly trigger repricing? You can do so by adding a Manual price, saving it by click on the blue checkmark icon (or hitting Enter on your keyboard), then immediately deleting that value, and clicking save again.

Here's that process from start to finish..

After doing this, Aura will update your price to the Manual price but by the time the change is made and Aura comes back to the listing to confirm, the Manual price is gone. Because there is no Manual price, Aura will then use your strategy settings to make any changes necessary.

It's a fantastic workaround for quickly testing strategy changes without waiting for an organic price change.

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