A potentially low/high pricing error occurs when your listings price is updated outside of the Minimum and Maximum range set within Seller Central.

While many sellers default to setting wide Min/Max ranges, we recommend the opposite. Setting the Min/Max prices close to each other may seem to give away opportunity, but we typically see improved performance in doing so.

Why am I receiving potentially high pricing errors?

Aura will follow the Min/Max prices stored within its system. Because Aura cannot see the Min/Max prices stored within Seller Central, it may update the price to be higher than the Max price in Seller Central, causing the potentially high pricing error.

Note: Aura will still follow the Min/Max prices stored within its system.

Although we do not recommend storing Min/Max prices in Seller Central, they can be difficult to delete.

Here is a workflow we recommend for quickly handling deactivated listings due to potentially high pricing errors.

A simple workflow for reactivating listings

Listings can only be reactivated within Seller Central. Before doing so, it is important to change what caused the pricing error - the max price - within Aura.

First, search for the listing within Aura. The max price can be updated on the SKU specific listing page.

Next, lower the set max price. If the strategy automatically sets the max price, you can override the strategy-level max price. While there is no perfect amount to decrease the max price by, we recommend starting with 10%.

Once the max price is updated, reactivate the listing within Seller Central. Aura will automatically resume repricing.

If the potentially high pricing error occurs again, repeat the above steps.

In short:

  1. Update the listings Max price within Aura.

  2. Reactivate the listing in Seller Central.

  3. Repeat steps one and two if the error occurs again.

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