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Quickly Make Bulk Changes Using Uploads
Quickly Make Bulk Changes Using Uploads

You can quickly make changes within the template and upload those changes into Aura, saving you countless hours of administrative work.

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There are a few methods for making bulk changes to your listings. At some point, you may need to make massive changes to your listings. 

To do so, we highly recommend using our Uploads feature. This feature enables users to quickly upload changes such as what strategy is being used, Costs, Min and Max values, and even toggling repricing on or off. 

Here's an awesome example..

Bulk Applying a Strategy and Enabling Repricing

First, download a Pre-Filled Aura Template from the Uploads page.

Next, open that file using either Excel or Google Sheets. For this example, we'll use Google Sheets, which is available to anyone for free. 

Once opened, you'll see a large amount of data. Some of these columns can accept changes and others are for reference purposes only. 

*See the below FAQ for a list of columns that can be changed.

The two columns that must always be present are sku and marketplace_id

Currently, we want to bulk change our strategy and toggle repricing on. To do so, we'll quickly delete all relevant columns, leaving on sku, marketplace_id, strategy_id, and repricing_enabled. 

Here's what our file should look like at this point:

Next, we'll need to tell Aura what strategy to use specifically. For that, we'll use the strategy id, which can be found on the Strategies page.

You can see that our strategy id is the blue text beneath the strategy name (S1FCN2X-B for our example). 

Now, we can use this id to set our strategy within our file.

Once applied, Aura will know exactly what strategy to apply to which listings.

Next, we want to toggle repricing on. To do so, we simply need to change the "FALSE" under the repricing_enabled column to "TRUE".

Now, save the file as a CSV and upload into Aura! 

Lastly, upload your new file into Aura! 

Pretty simple right?! 🤓

It would be easy to dismiss this feature but when you realize how much control it gives you as a user to make changes, it can be a game changer. We use this feature daily ourselves. 

If you want a more in-depth review of the columns, what can and cannot be changed within the file, you can read the Introduction to Feeds article.


How do I know if my upload was successful?

You should see the following:

If you see errors, you can read our Troubleshooting guide here or reach out to our support team for help 🙂

What columns are required for the upload to work?
sku and marketplace_id

Where can I find my Marketplace ID?

If you download the pre-filled template, your Marketplace ID will be pre-filled for you. If you're creating this file from scratch, you can find your Marketplace ID by going to Marketplaces, clicking on the Edit icon, and looking at the URL in your browser.

The URL will look like the following:

What columns can I make changes to and submit to Aura?

  • cost

  • min_price

  • max_price

  • map_price

  • repricing_enabled

  • strategy_id

Something we didn't cover? Message us by clicking the blue icon at the bottom right of the page 🤓

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