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How to Enable the ScanPower Integration
How to Enable the ScanPower Integration

Auto-import costs and min/maxes from ScanPower to your SKUs in Aura.

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Seamlessly import cost and min/max pricing data to Aura listings with our ScanPower integration.

The integration requires enabling on both our end and ScanPower's. Here's how to fully enable the integration.

Step 1 β€” Enable in ScanPower

In ScanPower, head to the Integrations section on the Account page. Direct links for US/CA and UK/EU users are below.

Under Integrations, find the toggle next to Aura. Click the toggle to switch on the integration.

You may jump to the ScanPower integration support doc on their Help Desk here.

Step 2 β€” Enable in Aura

In Aura, head to the Integrations page. This can be found by clicking on the name icon in the upper right -> Settings -> Integrations.

On the Integrations page, find the ScanPower box. Click Add, and an informational page will appear confirming the integration.

On this page, you can customize which data is imported from ScanPower under the Configuration tab:

You may select/unselect the following options, or any combination of:

  • Import all: Have Aura use the costs, min, and max values

  • Import costs + mins: Have Aura use the costs and min values from ScanPower but let Aura calculate dynamic max values using Maven (our AI)

  • Import costs only: Have Aura calculate both the min and max values dynamically for you as your costs change in ScanPower

Additionally, you may also import historical data by clicking the blue Import Historical Data button. Historical data is available for import from the previous three months.

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