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Why Am I Seeing Yellow Errors on My Listings?
Why Am I Seeing Yellow Errors on My Listings?

Seeing yellow? Don't worry, it's actually not an error at all.

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Seeing yellow?

Don't worry, these actually are not errors at all. 

Instead, these indicate that you've manually added a Min or Max price to a listing when the strategy is designed to automatically set those for you. 

Essentially, this is a Min/Max Override; the manually added Min or Max values will override the automatically created values. 

*Overriding your Min or Max values will not stop repricing. 

Handling Potential Errors

If you see any red or yellow "error" icons, simply hover your mouse over them to get a description of what may be happening.

If we hover over the yellow icons above, we see the following description:

This lets us know that we're simply overriding the strategy set Min and Max prices.

Just remember, when in doubt, hover it out.... we never said that we were good with jokes.

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