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How can I fix the “Missing Costs” notification?
How can I fix the “Missing Costs” notification?

Quick checks to ensure all sales have costs recorded, to ensure accurate sales metrics

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Aura's Dashboard will display a yellow Missing costs notification if any sale logged in that timeframe occurred with a cost having not yet been saved.

As a result, Aura will still pull in the sales' revenue from Seller Central, and will deduct fees, but will not know the unit cost. Therefore, any profit calculated from a SKU with a missing cost will appear as if there was a 0.00 cost, being unknown.

To check for listings without costs saved, add a Listing alert filter from the Listings page.

Select No cost, and click Save.

You may also filter the listings from Active (set by default) to All, to include inactive and out of stock SKUs that are also missing costs.

The Listings table will then only show SKUs that have no cost saved, which would result in the yellow Dashboard error if a sale is logged for any SKU.

Once all SKUs have costs saved, Aura will apply newly-saved costs to logged sales, and the Dashboard notification will self-correct.

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