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How to filter listings and metrics by Marketplace
How to filter listings and metrics by Marketplace

Efficiently group listings or metrics under a specific marketplace on the fly.

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Filtering Listings

You may quickly filter listings under a specific marketplace by using Aura's Listings page filters.

On the Listings page, hit + Add filter(s) to open the available filters.

Select Marketplace, and choose which specific marketplace(s)' listings to display.

Click Save, and your listings will immediately update. You may add additional filters to the Marketplace filter, by clicking + Add filter(s) again.

Filtering Metrics

You may filter sales metrics by marketplace directly from the Dashboard.

From the Dashboard, hit the button titled "All marketplaces โŒ„."

This allows you to filter metrics for all marketplace, or individual marketplaces.

All Dashboard metrics will update to the local currency of the selected marketplace. Only metrics for the selected marketplace will display.

If "All marketplaces" is selected, different currencies are converted and aggregated.

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