When it comes to repricing it's important to know what specific price will be used. 

For Aura, we consider the "Landed Price", which is the total amount paid by the customer (including Price + Shipping)

Therefore, if your price is $20 and you are charging a shipping fee of $5, your Landed Price is $25. 

Example; The current Buy Box price is $30 and you want to match it. 

If your price is $20 and you're charging a shipping fee of $10, your Landed price is $30 and you're matching the Buy Box. 

If, however, your price is $20 and the shipping fee is $5 for a Landed price of $25, Aura would then raise your price from $20 to $25, bringing your Landed price to $30 ($25 price + $5 shipping fee). 

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