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How to Create a Liquidation Strategy
How to Create a Liquidation Strategy

Price below the Buy Box and set Min prices at breakeven to clear out old inventory

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To get started, make a new custom strategy in the Strategies tab.

  1. Set your Competition Type to 'Only Buy Box'

  2. Reprice below the Buy Box by $0.01

  3. Set the maintenance section to "Lower and raise price", keeping a margin of $0.01

    1. Aura can lower or raise your price to narrow the gap between your offer and the next lowest Buy Box Eligible offer. Leaving a one cent margin increases your odds of keeping the Buy Box while capturing more profit.

  4. Set your Min prices to 0% ROI

    *This is the breakeven for each listing (factoring in your cost and listing fees).

Apply the strategy 

Apply your new strategy to any listings you want to liquidate.

After a week, you can lower your Min price by 10% every 2-3 days until the inventory is completely sold through.

To sell at a loss, you'll need to switch from automatic Min prices to manual Min prices. Learn how to manually override your strategy Min price here

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