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How to Copy/Duplicate a Strategy
How to Copy/Duplicate a Strategy

Want a new strategy without starting from scratch? Here's how to copy a strategy with ease.

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We realized early on that sometimes you needed to create a new strategy that was just slightly different from another. Why recreate the whole thing when all we needed was to change two settings?

TL;DR: 🤓

  • Navigate to the Strategies page

  • Click the Actions button to the right of the strategy you want to Duplicate

  • Click Duplicate from the drop-down menu

  • Click Duplicate on the popup to confirm

  • Rename your strategy 

  • Make any and all changes

  • Click Save

Step 1 - Using Strategy Actions

Strategy Actions allow you to Edit, Delete and Duplicate (copy) a strategy. While on the Strategies page within your account, choose the Actions button connected to the strategy you want to Duplicate/copy. 

Step 2 - Click Duplicate

Next, click the Duplicate button within the dropdown menu. 

Step 3 - Confirm Duplication 

Click on the Duplicate button to confirm that you would like to copy the strategy into a one one. 


Step 4 - Rename the Strategy and Make Your Changes

Lastly, you'll need to rename your new strategy, make any changes you want, and click Save.

Now you can easily copy strategies and build new ones! 🎉

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