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Why isn't Aura's price change showing up on Amazon?
Why isn't Aura's price change showing up on Amazon?
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Oh no! Did you see a price change in Aura but not on Amazon?

There are a few reasons you may not see a price change from Aura reflected on right away.

  • The old price is cached in your browser. To eliminate this variable, open the listing in an incognito or private window. 🤓

  • Amazon is still processing the price change. As the volume of buying/selling and price changes increase, Amazon is dealing with a great load of work that may lead to delays. Amazon has noted delays for price update feeds on their blog, here, and in a developer community post, here.

  • Amazon “dropped” the price change. This is an issue when Aura or another repricer submits a new price, but Amazon doesn’t send a corresponding offer change that confirms the price change was successful.

    When you're looking at the log of price changes in Aura, you'll know a price change was dropped if the "old price" doesn't match the "new price" set by the previous price change.

    Although this only happens occasionally, we're taking the issue very seriously. We've escalated it to engineers at Amazon through developer support and the developer community, here. There are not currently any updates on when this will be resolved.

Long story short, no need to be alarmed about any delays.

Aura is doing the work of submitting price changes and advocating for users to get repricing back up to speed! 🚀

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