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Re-authenticating Aura with Seller Central
Re-authenticating Aura with Seller Central

ERROR → Disconnected from Seller Central

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If you received a disconnection email from Aura, you're in the right place!

Follow these steps to get repricing back up and running. 🤓

Your account may be due for re-authentication if you last connected Aura to Seller Central before Q4 of 2022. The previous API required renewed permission for third-party apps at least once each year.

Reconnect your marketplace

Log in to Aura and head to the Marketplaces tab on the left. Click on the Edit icon or flag to see the marketplace details.

Next, click Update Credentials and Re-Authorize with Amazon. Aura will open a new page prompting login for Seller Central.

Even if Aura says "You're good to go!", this process is essential if you've received a disconnected email or noticed the repricing and sales overview graph have dropped to zero.

Once you've logged in, Seller Central will take you to the following page. On this page, click the check box next to the agreement, and click Confirm.

Check Permissions in Seller Central

Go to the main menu (☰) on the left, Apps and Services, then Manage Your Apps while logged into your Seller Account.

The permissions for Vendrive, Inc. should be active if the re-authentication process in Aura was successful.

Double-Check That Repricing is Toggled On for Both Your Account and Listing

If permissions are good you may need to enable Repricing or Managed under Marketplaces.

Simply go to the Marketplaces page and toggle both of these on.

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