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Can Aura Reprice My Private Label Products?
Can Aura Reprice My Private Label Products?

Our guide to using Aura to increase sales on your private label products!

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Have you ever wondered if repricing can be used to increase sales for your Private Label products?

We wondered the same thing and began testing this idea with some of our users and found that we could successfully increase sales using Aura.

How It Works

To "reprice" your Private Label products would require a competitor. With Private Label, you shouldn't have that. So, what's left to make this work?

Our team built a system when we initially launched that would trigger a price change of $0.01 on all listings where a price change has not occurred within the last 3 hours. 

Aura would raise your price by $0.01 and then immediately take it back to where it was. 

This forces a price change via Amazon and ensures that Aura always has up-to-date data for your listings. 

No "stale" listings that fall to the wayside!

Hacking Aura (Sort of)

We quickly realized through countless conversations with Private Label sellers that routinely adjusting your price would increase sales. Our guess is that it's a signal to Amazon that the listing is "active". 

This was our light-bulb moment. Use the automated 3 hour trigger as the signal to Amazon! 

How To Set It Up

Here's what you'll need to make this work on your Private Label listings:

  1. A Manual price 

  2. A Min price

  3. Strategy set to 'None'

  4. Repricing Enabled

Here's what that would look like on the listing page within Aura:

Once enabled, Aura will automatically trigger a small ($0.01 increase and then immediately back down) price change every 3 hours.

Turns out you really can use repricing for Private Label products to increase sales! 

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