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What to do if Repricing Activity has stopped
What to do if Repricing Activity has stopped

How to quickly troubleshoot when Aura seems "stuck."

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If Aura is feeling "stuck" and you with it, don't worry. This article will help you to quickly troubleshoot the most common issues users face and how to solve them 🙂

Check Permissions in Seller Central

Go to the main menu (☰) on the left, Apps and Services, then Manage Your Apps while logged into your Seller Account.

Ensure that Vendrive, Inc. has permissions for your account. 

If not, you'll need to reconnect your account within Aura by going to Marketplaces and clicking on the Edit icon.

Next, click Update Credentials and Re-Authorize with Amazon. Aura will open a new page prompting login for Seller Central.

Once authenticated, Seller Central will take you to the following page. Once on this page, click the check box next to the agreement, and click Confirm.

Double-Check That Repricing is Toggled On for Both Your Account and Listing

If permissions are good you may need to enable Repricing or Managed under Marketplaces.

Simply go to the Marketplaces page and toggle both of these on.

Strategy Related Settings

If your account is sending and receiving data from Amazon and Repricing and Managed is toggled on, you most likely have a strategy issue — the strategy is not working exactly as you had anticipated. 

In this situation, it's helpful to walk back through your strategy from start to finish to find the issue. If you get stuck during this process, reach out to our support team for help! 

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