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How Quickly Does Aura Reprice Listings?
How Quickly Does Aura Reprice Listings?

Better understand how Aura changes your price, our speed and built-in safety nets.

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Aura is reactive by design; Instead of repricing your inventory every 5 or 15 minutes with no changes in between, we actually react to price changes. Let's face it, a lot can happen in 15 minutes.

How Quickly Does Aura Reprice

Aura reprices your inventory within an average of 1.5-2 minutes of a price change being submitted by Amazons API. Of course, there are many things that need to happen, such as getting the change notification, calculating based on your strategy, submitting that change to Amazon, Amazon receiving the price change, and Amazon ultimately displaying that price change on the listing itself. 

All of this happening in just a few minutes 🤓 Talk about managing a lot of moving parts!

Automatically Trigger Price Changes After 3 Hours (just in case)

We realize that not every listing will have a price change occur, potentially leading your inventory to become "stale".

To fix this issue, Aura will automatically raise your price up $0.01 and immediately back down to trigger a price change after 3 hours of a price not adjusting on a listing. 

These two strategies allow Aura to increase its speed - and percentage of the Buy Box ownership by default - Leading to more sales.

Pretty neat right?! 🙂

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