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How to Change Your Plan and Update Your Payment Method
How to Change Your Plan and Update Your Payment Method
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You may want to update your payment information or switch from a Monthly to an Annual plan. 

We make that very easy to accomplish.

Simply hover your mouse over the Account Settings tab on the right side of the page and click Billing from the dropdown.

What's My Current Plan?

You can always see your current plan on the Billing page - indicated by "Current Plan" below.

Updating Your Plan

You can easily switch between a Monthly or an Annual plan by clicking on the plan you would like to switch to.

Once you click on the new plan, Aura will ask you to confirm the change by clicking Switch Plans on the pop-up. Once confirmed, your new plan is active!

Update Billing Information

If you scroll down the Billing page you'll see the Update Billing Information section. This section will allow you to add or update your payment information.

Simply add or update the payment information and click Update Billing to confirm the new payment information.

Subscription Summary

If you want a quick highlight of your subscription, you can scroll to the bottom of your Billing page to see the following information.

Now, you're all set! 🎉

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